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My name is Alexis, and I am a mother to four, a homesteader, writer and military wife.  All of those things equal one busy life! Through it all, we have had some amazing experiences that I want to share with you! From success to failures, we have been there! Welcome, sit a spell, and explore the life, and the lessons that we want to share with you! We invite you to learn more about us, and our beautiful New Mexico farm, as well as get information regarding media contacts.



The love of livestock is why so many people begin their homesteading journey! However, people often find that raising livestock is not as easy as they thought! Enjoy our collection of articles and posts about the ins and outs of raising various types of livestock.



It doesn’t matter if you garden to produce food, or simply beauty, gardening brings us all closer to the land.


Homesteader’s Home


Country Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. For a homestead, this proves even more true. From vegetables and fruits to livestock, the kitchen is where you prepare the food that you lovingly raised to nourish your family. It is a place for canning, chopping, kneading, creating and most importantly, it is a place to make memories. Come on in to our country kitchen. Learn tips and tricks, what kitchen equipment we adore, and learn the recipes that we love!

Family Life

Family life.. It’s the main reason that many of us homestead. We yearn to raise our children to appreciate hard work, dedication, and love the land. Even still, family life is not always simple. Sometimes we have to balance our role on the farm with our roles within our family. That can often be tricky! This section is for you, the worn out Mom, the parent that needs a bit of inspiration, or the family looking to stretch their dollar a bit further. We are “real” here. We do not pretend to be perfect parents, or shame others for doing things differently. Instead, we want to inspire and encourage!


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