Affordable Summer Reading Motivation For Your Child

With summer fast approaching, many parents are left searching for ideas to keep their children engaged in their education. As a parent, it is my belief that reading is one of the most important ways that children learn. Reading not only teaches facts, but fosters your child’s imagination. Reading is one of the best ways to keep your child’s love of learning alive while their brick and mortar school is out for the summer.

A child can easily go through numerous books in a day, much less a week or a month. This means that purchasing your child’s books for the summer can be an unaffordable venture. The natural choice, is then to go to the library. I am a huge advocate for taking your children to the library, and I believe that it should be done whenever possible. However, with work schedules, gas prices, and library hours, attending the library is not always possible on a regular basis.

This is where Amazon has stepped in to fill the gap. My family was very excited to find Amazon Free Time Unlimited! This service offers age appropriate books, movies, educational apps, games, and TV shows for your children.

Amazon Free Time Unlimited breaks down their products into three age groups. The first groups, ages 3 to 5 include things like Doc McStuffins, Super Why, Dora the Explorer and more! The group for 6-8 year old children includes apps for learning math and times tables, beginning chapter books, and more. The oldest group, for 9-12 year olds has educational videos from Nova, chapter books, literary classics, and even fun games like Ninjago.

This service is available on Fire Tablet’s, Fire TV, and other Kindle eReaders. For the younger children, be sure to check out the Kid’s Edition Fire Tablet. This comes with special parental controls, and a shock and drop proof case.

Sign up for our email service to receive a free book record sheet. This sheet will help you to document all the books that your child reads through the summer. This can be used in their homeschool portfolio, or turned into their teacher at the beginning of the year.

The best part of the whole deal is the price. As a mother of four, memberships, and fees can quickly add up to an unaffordable cost. For the Amazon Free Time Unlimited, there are several options for different packages, including a family plant. An Amazon Prime member can buy a family plan that offers this program for up to four children at a time for only $6.99.  For a single child, a monthly membership is only $4.99 for non-prime members, and $2.99 for Prime members.

All in all, this is a great tool for my home. I use this program for my kids that I homeschool for their quiet time. Since I have control over the time they spend on their device, the apps they use, and more, I do not have to worry about them getting into things that they shouldn’t. I also use this program for those times when it may be tempting to use the television as a “babysitter”. This way, I do not have to feel guilty, as I know they are learning, while having fun, and allowing me to do those chores like cooking dinner. This is a great fit for our family, homeschool programs, and those looking for how to keep their children engaged during the summer.


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