Homemade butter is a staple in many country homes!

A home is the command center for any family. However, a homesteader’s home has many unique qualities that make it serve the life of a homesteader, farmer or rancher. Homestead homes are often built or designed with practicality and use in mind over the latest home design fads. They often contain more equipment, than many homes across our country today. In a homesteader’s home, you will often find windowsills filled with seedlings, a canner with mason jars of jelly bubbling away, bread rising on the counter, or possibly even a newborn calf in need of medical care!


As homesteaders, our house has to fit out lifestyle. In this section, we will explore all the things that make a homestead home tick. Whether it is a great item or appliance, or a tried and true recipe, all of these things must meld into our unique lifestyle. I welcome you to join our country home!